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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Miss Boston 2011 has been crowned!

Miss Boston 2011 has been crowned!

Ciao bella,
This was my first Beauty Pageant. I was elated! Many asked if I was ever a contestant! Wow....back in my day I was more the Disco Queen than a girl vying for Pageant Princess!
The Miss America Organization brought to us here at the famous Omni Parker House a splendid tradition of beauty, talent, humor and brains. The event hosts were right on -- Dana Rosengard and Candy O'Terry brought out the best of the evening with great humor.
I'm sure it was hard choices on the judges because all the girls were so absolutely talented and unique. The Beauties were from all over including Cambridge, Revere, So. Boston, Somerville etc.
Naturally I pegged the winner from the top five. Sara Carlisle from Acton-now resides in Davis Square, Somerville. Her talent was an Egyptian Belly Dance that was exquisitely performed! She had this genuine look about her like nothing was an effort. She was confident and happy in her own skin. As my husband David quoted: "She looked like she was doing this pageant for the fun of it, she was already wearing her own crown of success." I was fortunate enough to have a private interview with Sara just minutes before the pageant. She is a professional horseback rider who has accomplished winning numerous regional and national awards and is a bronze medallist for dressage and eventing. She is quite a gal with a positive attitude and a bright future.
I was thrilled to meet Loren Rabinowitz from Brookline--Miss Massachusetts 2010 and several other Mass. county winners, even Miss Teen NH. Loren crowned Sara The new Miss Boston 2011 since Miss Boston 2010 Ashley Rizzo, mezzo-soprano, had rehearsal for an opera in New York. I also met personality plus Miss Bristol County, Kelli McBee. She'll be hosting a fundraiser to benefit The Children's Hospital, Boston. It's a Daddy-Daughter Dance 2011 -"An Enchanted Evening" on Saturday, March 26th from 7-10PM at the Sheridan Hotel. For tix and more info visit
The pageant was brilliantly choreographed-reminding me of boxing matches when the pretty girl struts the stage announcing the next round with signs. They had handsome fellows between dress changes showing off all their various talent! Including "Mr. Emerson" with a "Jacque-esque" semi-drag performance.
The girls talents ranged from vocal, dance to classical piano. They were all luminous and unique.
You certainly make many life-long friendships and as Stephanie Janes, Executive Director and President of this non-profit organization quoted "It's a great experience for mentoring all the girls"
Why support such pageants? They encourage young women to develop their talents, their education and experiences that will flourish who they can truly be for a lifetime.
Sara Carlisle, our new Miss Boston 2011 will serve as a role model as an ambassador for Boston. We wish her well!

Buona giornata,
--Mary N. DiZazzo-Trumbull

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Come and Experience "THE MISS BOSTON PAGEANT"

Ciao Bella,

On Sunday night, February 20th, starting at 5:00, at The Omni Parker House will be beauty history in the making! Contestants will compete for the coveted "Mis Boston" title and $17,000 in scholarships and prizes. The young women will be competing in five phases of competition- talent, interview, physical fitness, evening gown, and on stage interview.

Miss Boston will not only be an ambassador for the city of Boston but will also serve as a role model for young women to encourage them to develop their leadership skills and to take an active role in their communities.

The Miss Boston Pageant is a preliminary for the Miss America Pageant. For more info visit

We are so fortunate to be having this wonderful event here in Boston! See you there!

-Mary DiZazzo-Trumbull

Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome February sprucing up Dollhouse!

Thank goodness it's a short month so we are closer to spring! Received some really cute "outdoor" stuff for the dollhouse! A hand-made American Flag and holder for the door frame. The gal who makes these has interchangable flags so the Valentine's one is on it's way. The croquet set has debuted on the unfinished lawn. Waiting for green leaves and flowers to adorn yard. My husband David printed out another "Bowdoin St. Times" for the dollhouse. Also found a mini mailbox to put rolled up newspaper. The tiny newspaper is great referring to events of our week. More on the history of my dollhouse coming up!
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