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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Budget-Themed Beauty

These are sketchy times when it comes to opening your wallet. It seems most of us are on a budget. So let’s see how we can still stay glamorous and feeling great without coming up empty.

Find the cosmetology schools in your area. Book an appointment with a student that is near finishing his or her hours. I remember when I was going to school and I was given a client, I wanted to do a great job, especially in front of my peers. We were all competing in a way. The schools charge a low cost for an appointment—always supervised by a teacher.

The make-up counter anywhere—Saks, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor—just go in and ask for some make-up tips—pick up samples. All the girls are happy to apply your face. Just ask.

Instead of full massages, inquire about “spot” massages where one part of the body is focused on.

Try getting a full manicure one week and then a polish change the next.

Pedicures are so luxurious—so try a mini-pedi sometimes.

And of course, always take advantage of promotions and customer loyalty offers.

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