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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is there beauty in winter? So much snow is too much!

I really thought that 2nd last storm was beautiful. A real winter wonderland. The snow stuck to all the trees like a painting. Riding down the road I admired the whiteness of it all. But NOW I feel like spring can't come fast enough. I'm decorating my old dollhouse for spring. I ordered plants, ivy, shrubs and flowers galore. Even a flag and bracket for door frame as soon as paint dries will definitely be a sign of spring. The "miniature" place also sells different flags. I only noticed fall/winter on sale now. I inquired on their Spring/Summer collection and when will they be ready!!! It's been a worth while hobby for the "snow and cold" days! Stuck in New England and making the best of the "good" going out days though!

Writing my "Beauty Culture" columns bi-weekly for the Post Gazette (the Italian voice of Massachusetts) has been a fun and rewarding experience. Read them at for great tips on life and beauty. I just might write about the beauty of my old "dollhouse" which has recently re-entered my life. Stay tuned!

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